HerWellness Campaign

HerWellness Campaign seeks to bridge the gap in women's health by addressing harmful practices, discrimination, shortages in health care, and unfair treatment. Too many women's voices go unheard and it is time we are heard. HerWellness is fundraising donations for software and home visitations during the most pivotal times these disparities occur most: pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

Harmful practices in health care, like the miseducation of breastfeeding and postpartum depression, put women at risk during the postpartum period. Discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, language, socio-economic or indigenous status results in unfair treatment and may make women not seek treatment. Shortages in healthcare leads to less support, less essential supplies, a lack of providers who speak preferred languages, and less community-based facilities.  

100% of the profits sold from the HerWellness t-shirt will go towards raising funds and awareness of the campaign. Please support HerWellness in the endeavor to help women through the many healthcare issues faced today, so that the future of women's healthcare is felt by every woman. If you would like to make a cash donation, click this link to be redirected to the HerWellness Campaign fundraiser page. HerWellnessCampaign

Thank you,

- Breast Milk University & HerWellness